Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

I wanted to write a quick update in place of the Columbia race report that I was expecting to write this week (more on that later).

First of all, I started my hospital IPPE (Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience) this week. Last year, I was a bit resentful that the computer assigned me to a pharmacy that required a bit of a commute for my community IPPE. I ended up with an incredible preceptor and a community IPPE that far exceeded my expectations. This year, I literally begged the Office of Experiential Education to assign me to the hospital next door to my apartment complex so that I could avoid my hour-long bus commute downtown. Thus, I was again a bit resentful that the computer condemned me to another three weeks of bus time when it assigned me to MCV. It appears that my assignment was again for the best, though. I am getting to experience a lot of different aspects of hospital pharmacy beyond the traditional roles of pharmacists, including medication safety, P&T committees, medication reconciliation, and management. Additionally, seven of my classmates are on rotation with me, which makes things a lot more fun. Also, I have found that bus time is slightly better now that I get to read rather than study.

The title of my post suggests that I’ve faced a few decisions recently. I’ve decided to address them in order of least significant to most significant.

1) I bought a domain name and am slowing working towards developing a website. After conducting some polling among my family and friends, I decided on I’ll let you know when it’s live!

2) As I mentioned in my Knoxville race report, my foot took a beating at Knoxville, and it has not completely recovered. Therefore, my coach and I decided that I should focus on my recovery and not race at Columbia. It was a bit annoying to sit at home and wait for race results, but I simply was not in a position to race. Fortunately, after learning to aquajog in a scum-filled pond as a college freshman (no exaggeration- I have witnesses), I gained important experience in the art and science of aquajogging. Unfortunately, aquajogging enjoyment is largely dependent on a good music selection by the pool lifeguards, and recently the music selections have been subpar. Let’s hope that either the music or my foot improves ASAP!

3) I received news that my PhD advisor is leaving VCU. The news forced me into a stressfully ambiguous advisor-free zone as I decide on a new advisor. Fortunately, two great professors have volunteered take on advising responsibilities for me. Both professors spent a substantial amount of time with me last week helping me to sort through and pinpoint my interests and career goals in order to help figure out where I fit best in the program. After a few days of feeling overwhelmed and lost, I am finally gaining some clarity, and I’m looking forward to selecting and working with my new advisor.  

That’s all for now!


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